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Nevertheless, many songs play on the double meaning, such as the Amália Rodrues song "Com que voz", which includes the lyric "Com que voz chorarei meu triste fado" ("With what voice should I lament my sad fate/sing my sad fado? Fado appeared during the early 19th century in Lisbon, and is believed to have its orins in the port districts such as Alfama, Mouraria and Bairro Alto. Some trace its orins or influences to "cantas de amo" (friends songs) and possibly ancient Moorish influence, but none conclusive.

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Fado performers in the middle of the 19th century were mainly from urban working class and sailors, who not only sang, but also danced and beat the fado.

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Guitarra Portuguesa: Portuguese guitar Viola: virtually identical to, and sometimes ed guitarra clássica (classical guitar) but traditionally uses steel strings.

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Viola baixo: a four string Portuguese version of acoustic bass guitar developed during the 1960s.

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